Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tranfer Recorder In To Hd Should I Buy A DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER Or MP3 Player With Voice Recording Capabilities?

Should I buy a DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER or MP3 player with voice recording capabilities? - tranfer recorder in to hd

I am looking for a digital voice recorder (DVR) that will be used to enable them to resume classes. In my research for a recorder, I discovered that more be profitable to buy an MP3 player seems.

I wonder whether the MP3 player is just a good voice recorder for dictation vs. conferences such as the DVR. You know?

I want an MP3 player for the additional features in comparison to the DVR. If yes, please let them meet the following criteria.

1), which should be integrated into a microphone
2) Have a good performance
3) requires the inclusion of language in a classroom capable of significantly
4) I would be able to voice recorderd to transfer files to my computer via a USB cable

If I get an MP3 player, I would be one that could serve asor FM radio.

Please suggest a good product that has all the features mentioned above ... Thank you.


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