Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pictures Of Infected Viginas How Can I Transfer These Possibly Infected Pictures To A New Computer?

How can I transfer these possibly infected pictures to a new computer? - pictures of infected viginas

I have an old Dell laptop with Windows XP. I had a couple of old photos, without a backup. I also had no anti-virus software. Was infected by a virus, and many things went wrong. Here is a list of everything that does not work:
Windows Defender
Most applications
The ability to drag and drop files and folders
Taskbar (bottom stuck, I can not lift)

I tried to put into the internet (do not tell me how resolve this problem, I know it will not work), I have tried to eliminate the virus by the rapid and safe mode is absolutely nothing to help. I will not pay up to $ 150 for this thing to a computer store. I can not burn photos to CD as CD-ROM does not work (which also means I can not install an Anti-Virus) I can not drag files onto a flash drive because I can drag "files across t . (I can not copy and paste it into the flash, I've tried), I try to drive to another in order to invite comComputer, but I fear that the spread of the virus. Printing pictures is the last thing I want to do, since the use of at least 500 sheets of paper and ink 2 images on one page and print, will probably not work anyway. What can I do? Please help.


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