Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Diagram Of W16 Engine Can Someone Explain This Engine Diagram?

Can someone explain this engine diagram? - diagram of w16 engine

It is the air from the base engine, then through the turbo and valves, or is the top of the engine, go to the turbo and back into the engine?

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chalkblu... said...

Her first thought was correct. The key is the color of the air flow in this diagram. The cold (blue), air enters the turbo in the lower part of the engine. It then goes into the intake manifold on top of the engine. Narrow the wires in red (hot) exhaust, under pressure from the engine to the turbo-spin, before leaving through the big pipes on the left side of the chart.
The land would have more clearly with arrows to indicate what was going on! (I bet it sounds good!)

I hope that helps.

Eli P said...

I think it actually goes through the turbos and run Goin Down to the filter and the inlet, then the floodgates.

C7S said...

Orange Distribution
The rest is a pipeline.

wrichard... said...

The high consumption of air exhaust is blue, red

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