Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Throat Feels Full My Throat Feels Like It's Closing Up?

My throat feels like it's closing up? - my throat feels full

I have been a problem for almost a week when he made like any of my throat closes or a foreign body sensation in the throat. However, it comes and goes throughout the day. I was very much with depression lately. I had the LPN in the aspect of my work in my throat and told me it looked very red on the back of the neck.

Is this just to do my depression? I dealt with anxiety and depression for years, but never before experienced symptoms like this. It is very uncomfortable. My breathing is not affected or anything and I can eat normally and to swallow, but I think my neck is "full" or swollen, like a weight, so it made perfect sense to grow.

If you agree, there are suggestions for relief? This can be very uncomfortable at times ...


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