Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can You Eat Corn On The Cob With Diverticulitus FINGERNAIL HELP!! I Jabbed It With A Sharp Object.?

FINGERNAIL HELP!! I jabbed it with a sharp object.? - can you eat corn on the cob with diverticulitus


Well, it sounds strange, but really 2 months ago I was eating corn on the cob, and went to jab one of the skewers and corn on the cob skidded on me and stuck in the middle of my nail bed. He was bleeding like a *****! And OMG felt (still feels, Tho not so bad) that I closed the door. I dug the nail, but not the only nail punctured, it struck so deep beneath my nail bed. If you look to see the cracks in the nails, and looks a little dark (I'm going like its bruised?) And lateral Nail Art is growing almost as if you interrupt a normal growth.


I try an acrylic, etc., gel nail on it? Like I said definitely not infected, but there theres a broken pinSize hole. Is infected, the powder in the acrylic or? That's my problem.

Thank you in advance:)


just4fun said...

Definitely NOT put acrylic or anything else in the nail. ORK nails grow 1 / 8 of each month. Damaged the nail and work down on the bed, a time to heal.

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