Friday, February 5, 2010

License Code Buy Imtoo Will I Have To Buy Another Code Or License For This Software?

Will I have to buy another code or license for this software? - license code buy imtoo ...

In the table of the program (the creator of the music 4) compares himself studied ACID Music 6 so that the designer can take from 4 to 160 songs and for his endless ACID Music Studio 6

Heres a link to the website ...

Does this mean that I can do 160 titles, and no longer produce what? I have a different code, after all 160 of them, I'm ready to buy?


dysenter... said...

Not in a song as a clue.
It is a multi-track recorder when you can up to 160 tracks per song.
A single track is basically an instrument.
Battery is a track to another rhythm guitar, a guitar solo, in another, etc.

The drummer plays a little and save you on a track.
Rewind, play drums and rhythm guitar recording on another track, etc.

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