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My Cat Has Feline Herpies Taking My Cat To My New Apartment And Also Feline Cat Herpes. I Really Need Help!?

Taking my cat to my new apartment and also Feline Cat Herpes. I really need help!? - my cat has feline herpies

3 years ago I had developed a cat for 6 years, a mental disorder, when I moved into my new house in my high school years. I had a cold sore when she sought at the ankles, spread her legs back and then his mouth. Where is the bleeding going lights and could not eat anything, and we had to put down. I do not know whether it is a mental disorder of movement or feline herpes. But it was not easy for everyone, but I think it's mental.

I have a Calico Cat 3 years, it is very good for the people, but not for other animals if they disturb you. It's like a kitten after its acceptance test and tested positive for feline herpes, but the study not only the blistering cold. However, the vet said there was nothing to fear, because it is very common for cats who came from the animal shelter.

I wonder if I carry it with me, I am afraid he has prepared for blisters of herpes. Please help me if my cat will go well and if you know the cause of my first Cto please let me know. Thank you very much al really need to know. =)


Connie S said...

Your cat first developed a medical problem and not a mental disorder.

Herpes is a viral infection that can be triggered by stress. Several cats deal with stress differently. You can try to take the stress in trying to make that as easy as possible to minimize. Never leave a room in the old house, while the packing and moving boxes, and after transport into the new house, and it locked while unpacking. He brings the familiar and dear to her as his toys, litter, bedding, etc. You can find help in chemistry, help them relax, such as repair and rescue Feliway.

You can also search for lysine. It is an amino acid that is sold in health food stores - yes, it is for humans - which prevents the virus from replicating, it migHT are also useful. Not an end all cure all, just a tool. He is very strong, and can be administered every day in your life, if they wish, or just for the short duration of exposure to stress.

jenny,kittylover v lost n icon said...

G 2 U better with another injection of the veterinary vaccine against herpes en -

nicoleis... said...

No, she developed feline herpes sores. I worked in a shelter, and there were maybe two cats get feline herpes. One symptom is that his eyes were red and inflamed and dirt out. The symptoms are both sneezing and nose appeared swollen. Both times we thought it was just a regular problem airway. It was the vet, and in both cases had feline herpes. Medication (eye drops, oral medications, depending). It looks like a viral upper respiratory tract (primarily). And if you are stressed, you can do it again (the eye is filtered, swollen eyes, red, swollen nose and / or sneezing), because it is a virus. But no blisters. Never heard of it. I do not know why itcalled feline herpes, which is not repeated if the animal is really emphasizes how people blowing when the virus is human herpes virus.

Elaine M said...

Most cats have been exposed to feline herpes and most show no trace of her. As a rule, shown as watery eyes, and standard on the reverse process, if that's what happened to break a pill every day, and lysine in the diet made for 5 days. A standard dose of 250 mg of cat is to 500. It is tasteless, and you can not overdose on it, the surplus is excreted from the body. A bottle of generic lysine (or L-lysine, as well) is about 4 U.S. dollars at the supermarket. Ask your vet about it.

Never heard of him because of blisters on his feet. Mental health problems have led to no blisters on his feet. I really have a veterinarian diagnose what was wrong with your cat first, the sounds were something else. Rodent ulcers are a possibility (which is a virusNothing else is NOT caused by rodents). There are a number of other things, would also have been.

wabs said...

Jennie is right, in fact, almost all the physical symptoms. Even the so-called mental symptoms of physical origin. The cat needs vitamins just bought, cat vitamins and store the mixture in cat food. A vet told me that most cats need a little wet food, help AA few tablespoons per day - a mixture of vitamins duty does not cost much. The cat takes a lot of love and care - the hair once a day could help calm the cat and you, too. This is a routine that means that the cat is your time. Also at the time to play with you, would be good. My cat has a long life, even with leucosis with vitamins and attention. Be sure to clean your plate of food and receive photos from other than Connie said she did not know, you have to enter anything. I wash my bowl of food to my cat EveRY day. After dinner, I put in the sink, absorbing about - simple to wash - and then you when it's time to feed them. Cats are clean animals, but they should not eat after other animals. You must submit your feline herpes can also spread to other cats and it is not fair to the other cats and owners. Did not they scream and let them know that you are his friend, otherwise it is all alone in the world. Cats are sensitive. It seems that you are really interested and is good. I give her vitamins and take it to the veterinarian at least twice a year. Did you do not worry too much.

chzbrgr said...

Feline herpes (rhinotracheitis) does not cause blisters. Can cause irritation of respiratory tract symptoms, where the emphasis on the cat, so keep in a quiet and stable. You can powdered L-lysine to the vet, to your food. If your cat is already 3 and had no indication that it is unlikely that will start, but if you start with a runny nose or swollen eyes, you must bring him to the vet before it worsened.

As for your last chat, why not in the land of his parents taken to a vet to find out what was causing the pain? He only said: "Oh, it looks like herpes, and then put to sleep?" A "mental disorder" not with a cat blowing all over, the cat suffers obviously something thatmedical intervention is required. It was probably something as simple as allergies to fleas or scabies, which could be treated by a health inspection at $ 30 and $ 20 Drugs.

♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥ said...

The cats with feline herpes sores do not develop as human beings. It is able to develop only watery eyes and respiratory tract. Above all, the cats have feline herpes virus. Outbreaks can be triggered by stress and illness. I have 2 cats, to have, but I have frequent outbreaks under control now that for every 500 mg of L-lysine are used every day. You can buy L-Lysine in the department of pharmacy of vitamins. It comes in tablet form or as powder is tasteless and is easy to take to the mixture in a small amount of canned food. If you get the pills, you need a pill crusher, because the pills are too big to swallow a cat. Talk to your vet about it if you wish. It really helps my cats.

His old cat had some kiMeetings of the irritation of the skin were caused, in the context have, among others. There is a word from a mental disorder or feline herpes.

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