Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emerald Infinite Backpack How To Get Infinite Items On Pokemon Ruby & Emerald?

How to get infinite items on pokemon ruby & emerald? - emerald infinite backpack

Like 2 years ago when I played a lot of Ruby, I have x99 of each topic, but I've forgotten what I do now. Is there a way to get infinite items without the use of a Game Shark, I've pretty sure I never have a Game Shark, it was like a madman .... In-game like the old RBY missingno cheat in games. Thanks for the help!


Nathan Stobbs said...

You can in Emerald, but if you go, you can delete the game, what are you going to the battle frontier and go with the pyramid with the multi-story, when you reach the top floor to use to dig a Raticate , then all will be in the bag will only have a black eye next to him, ie, the eyes, you have unlimited of that element.

LorDneXb said...

The emerald is a form of cloning
But it must be a pokemon clone with him, so ill show you the steps of cloning

1. Go to the battle frontier in the large building in the north (U is the elite four to surface)
2. U put the things that you clone in pokemon and have them on your PC
3. Leave your PC and save the game
4. Retire after saving pokemon hold the position, or you want to clone (clone more than 1 times)
5.You talk to the lady at the counter in your area.
6.accept conditions and have pokemon 2, that is to kick
7 Accept the terms of savings, but if he says he does not turn off the power!
8. UR off for Game Boy and Pokémon is in the Uruguay Round or in ur PC with the elements.

I have it with master ball and took a lot of pokemon with them, even at Level 3 Wurmple are also good Rare Candy or U can be a nugget of clone

be used when master balls UR or start a new game in Ruby, and placed in the emerald trade

You can only clone in emerald

Sorry for the long answer, which I hope this helps

Aura Impact said...

hack The Game

Josh B said...

Thats only in red and blue

There is absolutely no way to make these versions

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