Friday, February 5, 2010

Topsy Turvy Cake In San Diego How Much Do Topsy Turvy Or Mad Hatter Cakes Cost?

How much do topsy turvy or mad hatter cakes cost? - topsy turvy cake in san diego

My Sweet Sixteen is a month and I want a Topsy Turvy cake, because the theme is Alice in Wonderland. but I heard they were very expensive? Who knows how they go? or rank well in Southern California? especially in San Diego.

or anyone know how to do? Note that I have the cake always the simple mixture, cook in a pot, ice type. nothing special ...

Thank you.


Jocelyn C said...

It depends on the size you want more you want to taste the most expensive. I know that some bakeries, a minimum price that could have, instead of 1000. When I am in Southern Cali, making an offer for a decent price.

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