Monday, February 15, 2010

Surround Sound Best Value 2009 What Is The Best Quality Surround Sound/ Home Cinema System?

What is the best quality surround sound/ home cinema system? - surround sound best value 2009

I am looking for a decent home theater system received for Christmas
my budget is around £ 200 to £ 250
I hear JVC is one of the best, but I do not know where to get the best value for money
Can anyone help please?


YoMick said...

Not sure if it may sound systems as important - the shape of space - most systems are now ready to good results, but most do not understand completely the importance of speaker placement for optimum results in the space that they have . Many systems share surround-sound, so that the relevant sections are reproduced by the appropriate bodies. This may participate in some experiments, different systems seem in their interpretation of the incoming signal. The short answer is for me to choose a known brand - check some of the comments on the website and make sure that not only do "on the system." The manuals cover the aspects of the decision list of speakers, but the listeners ears are a last resort. Some systems are equipped withIt is the speaker behind the village, lounge furniture, and even the best draft position paper.

Home Cinema Buyer said...

I do not know, this JVC model you mention, so I can not comment, and not to mention if you play a DVD or Blu-ray in the system, or simply the need for amplifiers and speakers you want.

Two of the most popular DVD in systems based on a home theater system now have the Panasonic SC-PT470 and the Sony DAV-DZ280. Both systems are also within your budget, and includes an iPod dock and make a little more pleasant. For much less money than you, perhaps, the Panasonic SC-PT170, but remember that does not support the iPod. All of these speaker systems are good and clean and small.

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