Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ap Biology Lab Report Answers Cellular Respiration 5 How Biuret's Reagent Works??

How Biuret's Reagent Works?? - ap biology lab report answers cellular respiration 5

I'm in AP Biology and write a lab report in which he has little experience with a few simple reagents and other substances.

What should I know in my report, however, is the biuret reacts chemically with proteins to create a "positive" result for the protein in solution.

I do not pray for the color of positive reaction and how to biuret and blah, blah. I want to know what in the reaction.

For example, the iodine in Lugol reacts with the helical structure of polysaccharides to a positive reaction to produce a color change to blue-black.

Thanks to all who are looking for an answer.


kitten said...

in the biuret test, or try to identify the presence of T e peptide bonds. I do not know any more details to respond, but I know that is what is identified

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