Friday, February 5, 2010

Do Remote Car Starters Cause Electrical Issues Can A Remote Car Starter Cause Other Electrical Problems?

Can a remote car starter cause other electrical problems? - do remote car starters cause electrical issues

There was only a remote control car starter professional installation. Well, now, does my cruise control does not work and my check engine light that the computer is not on a signal from the instrument panel module with a possible cause of a bad electrical connection, since the main reason. I wonder whether the business a little messy when you install the remote starter or is a different question. Whether with the cruise control or engine light control, or both. The A 03 Dodge Ram 1500th


rick2914... said...

Looks like you should ask the installer - as coincidences that very hard to believe.

Aaron said...

Take it to the workshop, it was ... since the problems started after the work was finished, they should arrange for you, as the cause of the problem

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