Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pregnant Dawn How Does Edward Find Out That Bella Is Pregnant In Breaking Dawn?

How does edward find out that bella is pregnant in breaking dawn? - pregnant dawn

that the figures were delayed for the period after she told him, and gave acting strange and HES as ru trying to blame it on PMS then froze lol


vanessa said...

Well, if they are in the honeymoon that much fornication, and she began to eat too much and they went into clothing and saw Alicia packed his few buffers, so I started thinking about how you should waste your time they are learned that it came too late, not only that, but the housekeeper to remind you of them? Edward spoke a different language, but I knew that Edward a vampire and the man who was beautiful and they were married and she was pregnant ...

Yankee Fever said...

Bella said. It is able to solve this spell, after missing some time, but good. The intuition of a mother or something.

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