Friday, January 29, 2010

Wear A Onepiece Swimsuit To Bed To Dare A Guy To Wear A Girls Swimsuit Funny Or Not? I Am Thinking Like A Onepiece?

To dare a guy to wear a girls swimsuit Funny or not? i am thinking like a onepiece? - wear a onepiece swimsuit to bed

I really want to go back to a friend Guy, when it's fun and is good or not?


Triathlon guy said...

Go! There is nothing wrong with just clothes. But you do so only if it corresponds rather well .. I would not be painful for him (physically), or things to pop out!

Your Toy said...

Could be fun or enjoy it .. I guess you know when you go to the end lol

I do not think that it's not great when!

KS said...

Sure ... But they buy and try it in the shop;)

classiga... said...

Yes! Will be really embarrassed! lol

C.C. said...

Yes, we have a man that was funny = D

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