Sunday, January 10, 2010

Studio Couch What Wall Color Goes Well With A Purple Couch?

What wall color goes well with a purple couch? - studio couch

I have taken recently in a small studio with a loft, and I am looking for a color that will work with my bed in purple and gold pillows. The coouch is an old and she is beautiful ... Color is dark purple with medium brown legs and molding? My room is very small and have an open kitchen .... I want a color that is easy to work, but not too dark, so do not feel as if the my little place. I know looks good yellow, but it is not a color that you can use purple and gold? My bathroom is also on the ground floor, has a beach theme, and I went with a clear silver / gray ... Thank you for your help!


Jane said...

tanish can light or lavender color.

DEANNA said...

I have painted a burgundy couch and the wall behind the gold of the Aztecs. Gold has really would put the couch, not knowing what it is, however, appear purple. Getting to store to get color and pattern of the color of your sofa, then ask the color chips to see what may. If you prefer not to paint a few pictures of yellow in them. Good Luck

Melissa D said...

I would say, gray or beige. I do not like yellow and purple. Not a good combo for me personally. You might be mixed with a gray with a hint of color with others. See if you can take some examples at home and try to choose.

Cute t pie said...

I went with a beige or sand color. Just add color with money in it. if u want 2 be interesting to create a new sand beige or gold ink test on it! be held more gold pillows!
I hope that helped!

misspink... said...

I thought the same color as Lucia said. I have seen many people use the color / beige sand, and what actually happens to everything! Established from modern to traditional

Bart said...

Some may think I'm crazy. only a faint olive or mocha IMO really purple

Cutiepie said...

green is good

Lucia M said...

A pale golden sand on the walls or ceiling is beautiful with gold purple / even though they do not compete with them. Use half white and brown trim on the bottom of the focus frame and cream. It would be in the flow of beach themed market big bathroom!

Sharon W said...

It appears that you have a bed of purple .... Gold pillow .... and tones of walnut in the room.
The gold and purple always look good together.
However ... recognize that the pillows were a golden color and priorities which should be used sparingly. If you put too many accessories in gold in the room begins to look tacky and overdone.
Gold and purple remind me look through the trees on a beautiful sunset. So my proposal is on the way to a "natural" theme.
I suggest you go with a different color for the walls. Go with a bright green ... very pale green. The green was just a "touch" paint on the walls. They want to be on the sofa against the light green walls.
On a wall (wall accent) ... Use a medium brown. No dark ... no light ..... Only half brown.
So for the rest of their accessories .... With some large colored vases with branches long into the corner. Add some green plants in the room to a little life.
Add a little there art on the walls, the light green, purple, bBrown and Gold. Used (Save some of the paint on the walls and make your own art.)
To make your own art .... Just go buy at a retail shop and similar images to what you want. Take the picture. Now ... go buy the box and the shape of the frame. Do not paint your own picture on them. It is possible that some random lines with the colors that you need .... ..... or understand really a cool design or your most artistic talents.
For window treatments .... some use long curtains which is very "flowy. Use a lip at the top of the window that goes all the way to the ceiling. Hang the gauze curtains behind him, making the track all the way to the floor. This opens a window, very tall and big. Do not let the simple window treatments near the earth ... almost touches the ground is in order.
Add river stones in small bowls and add the small plants in the middle of their own little pots. This will be the topic in the "natural" relaxation room. You can use the small businesses sharing a large sailing well.

Good luck in your room.

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