Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pictures Of Ceiling Fans I Need Help..I Am Trying To Put Up A Ceiling Fan?

I need help..I am trying to put up a ceiling fan? - pictures of ceiling fans

I read that the work of the housing must be connected to a roof beam. I checked the box and connects to a beam of the roof, but it is bolted directly to him on the left side of the box structure. I have seen some examples of photos and displays the work of the box is connected between two beams. I wonder at my desk to ensure adequate support for my fans?


An electrical engineer said...

The important thing, if it is the fan-box support is the fan rated box is not how it is connected to the beam. There is a nominal fan boxes are screwed to the rafters. If the box is clearly a fan rated to say that the serious and fan can be maintained. If no label and the box, then you must check the box. There are fields rated plastic fan, but I think he would not trust anyone, whether real fan screws through the field in the width. A box comes with mounting screws of the fan box come and mount the fan to the box. The entire package will be considered jointly in order to provide the necessary support. In other screws, even with a fan-box is not correct.

Justin said...

If it is a metal box, which leads with a screw or 2 can be improved on the side of the box and nothing. If the plastic might be able to leave with her, if you use the pillory drilling and washers. Your garentee however. must keep the ground to the screw, so that is broken when the field is the ground wire is taken. That is the wrong approach, but should work.
Another option is to be attached to the underside of the rafters, the table on the old hole with a blanket around the base of the ceiling fan. Sales in the lighting section and vary in size up to about 2 meters.

themrmik... said...

You do not need a box of metal, plastic
if metal, then add the support to the side during insertion.
The effects are also a ceiling fan can be installed in place of or in addition to their mounted workspace.
Ask someone who knows what good it is
Neighbor or someone to check you monitor / the effort.
It is a little DIY project, but has real world consequences if they done wrong. TMM

Brad said...

Does not fall over time as a nail. You need a pop and a box that a beam of light received by the joist.Or support, submitted a 2x4 in drywall and then build a case for the 2x4 to the media. This table, which you light.Not use rotaing difficult for a single fan

btlcrzr said...

I had the same problem. I screwed a 2 x 4 between the beam and then screw the box next to the range of 2 x 4 Be Solid as a rock!

FartPooW... said...

No, not ridiculous! It will fall and injure someone, hahaahhaa

FartPooW... said...

No, not ridiculous! It will fall and injure someone, hahaahhaa

FartPooW... said...

No, not ridiculous! It will fall and injure someone, hahaahhaa

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