Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ornate Ceiling Fans Decorating Dilemma:When Putting Up A Faux Or Real Ceiling Medallion, What's The Size Relationship To A Fan?

Decorating dilemma:When putting up a faux or real ceiling medallion, what's the size relationship to a fan? - ornate ceiling fans

I bought a wallpaper medallion more expensive (made by York) on the roof of the chamber are my daughter. The idea was to fall into a gray area where the roof to be altered after a small base diameter of the fan had been installed. The mediallion to 36 "diameter ceiling fan (leaves is included) 52. I can cut the wallpaper adorned smaller if it is really better. It is long, but they are still good, I think. Yat Is there a golden rule for the diameter of the coin to the width of a ceiling fan?


e3456 said...

As long as the width of the spectrum, including leaves, is not the same as the medallion should look good.

Pink Denial said...

No, not the width of the ceiling fan completely (leaves included). Make sure that the coin is bigger than the fan base (roof).

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