Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alarm Siren I Want To Replace A Small ADT Alarm Siren In The Basement With Bigger One In My Attic?

I want to replace a small ADT alarm siren in the basement with bigger one in my attic? - alarm siren

How can I do?


redhotbo... said...

It is fairly easy if you have the cable from the basement to the attic, if not, you need some. 18 gauge is good. Splice into the wire of the siren of a small or go to the panel and see where it connected to the motherboard. Remove the old and the new thread. If the new consuming more energy, it becomes a bit complicated and can be a relay and extra wiring is required.

J.O' said...

It is likely that a siren 12v if you might be another option, the sirens of car can add? Most are in fact too many programmable

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