Monday, January 11, 2010

Missed Period After Going Off The Pill Went Off Birth Control Pill Early July, Missed Period...what Is The Cause?

Went off birth control pill early July, missed period...what is the cause? - missed period after going off the pill

Hello everyone,

I have my pill after taking three years to early July. I had some unpleasant times at first, but in the last two months of regular (ie, the period of the last month, came a day before, but one days is not very difficult).
My time is four days too late. My breasts are very sensitive and I had cramps. I have the withdrawal method, so it is possible that you are pregnant.
Also, I know I ovulate, my time at some point should be.
I had two urinary tract infections in the last month (drew), and I wonder if maybe that would have caused my lack of menstruation. Has anyone had a period in the evening after a urinary tract infection?
Has anyone experience unusual times after switching off the pill, and if so, when they begin to govern? I thought my time was back on track, but I do not think so.
Is it useful to take a pregnancy test? I'm bad at the moment, I do not want to spend money on something.

Thank you forHelp! Unfortunately, there is so much information.


mackenzie's mommy ♥ said...

Try the dollar store - I've heard they work just as well. If you are four days later with the withdrawal method are, the pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity. Obviously you can check online if you are pregnant, and therefore tend to the test. :)

♥ Nurse & Mum ♥ said...

Do what they have in ancient times to wait a bit, unless its mass. Cycle can not regulate themselves. Even if you can not afford to become pregnant. Test, I hope you can make a baby! Want a baby? Good luck!

007N1n... said...

I took the pill since I was 14, and I am now 21 and he stopped recently, I had my Perity approximately 3 months, and I recently had a urinary tract infection, cystitis and sinusitis My time was 6 days .. ... later and much lighter than usual, but there is a possibility that she might become pregnant was good, unprotected and wat not .. they have to save the evidence in a U.S. dollar, you can take .. really only a dollar. I have repeatedly said that they just as crazy:) So, good luck to you. :)

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