Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can U Give A Dog Clonazepam Can I Give My Dog Clonazepam?

Can I give my dog clonazepam? - can u give a dog clonazepam

Hey guys, my dog is a dog from Katrina and is afraid of storms past experience. There is a strong storm at the moment, and he sighs and shakes, so I can not stand it. I take clonazepam, 5 mg per night, and I wonder if I could give my dog a pill or half a pill? It weighs about 100Ibs. I will not go see the vet or anything. I just want to know if he was sure to give a pill? and .25, or 5 mg? Thank you!


mr.answe... said...

I know that vets give dogs medication to calm her down. Now the drug is safe or will be left with a dead dog. I would call a vet and ask, they answer to your question, I will not kill his dog. Or call the Veterinary Emergency Team and ask, I bet even a veterinary technician can answer this question. If you misuse them, and killed many people because their pets are bad for the animal drug or the dose is wrong. To impress us all and make the call.

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