Saturday, January 23, 2010

How To Wear A Double Strap Golf Bag How To Wear Golf Bag Straps?

How to wear golf bag straps? - how to wear a double strap golf bag

I bought a golf bag and foolishly did not take the thing before I bought it. It has two separate shoulder straps are not only the double-strap on my bag of old. I'm getting a fankle trying to figure out the right way to get it on. Izzo is a bag of venture. If anyone can, with a photo of the front and rear post would be very grateful.


David K said...

You strap bag or backpack. Clubs are carried horizontally. Your bag can have a surface area of cushion padding on the back by the weight of the clubs. In my pocket, Srixon, I put my right arm in the top bar, then the left arm by another.

Here is a link to the photo, is what I found. Hope it helps.

googie said...

If you bought in a supermarket, why not go and explain to them how the straps should be adjusted when the bag was lying on his back, and enter the correct manner and leave the dishes. It seems you have to be a genius to find out.

pinoy-ak... said...

So if your right handed club head should be directly beside the right elbow and vice versa, when the left foot. It's easier when someone is right for you during use. Good luck!

Freshman... said...

They have put on like a backpack

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