Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Virgin Light Period Causes Can Stress Cause A Light Period?

Can stress cause a light period? - virgin light period causes

Hmm .. I waws virgin and had sex on my period. The boy used the withdrawal method. ha! My period arrived on time, but is very light and lasted only two or three days. I have been a great burden, and had the flu for 4 days. This period may result in the light or am pregnant?


sherry s said...

Stress can do a lot for one person. If you are having sex on the period, then your chances did not! All this in addition to influenza, probably really only up! and wait to see what your next period as a member! You should be safe! Bout how about birth control now thought !!!!!!!

loveshan... said...

If stress is too late I can go to the Dominican Republic or the health department if you have, where you live. only to ensure that the tests can sometimes lie.

vickie b said...

Stress can lead to rules of light, heavy, or simply not displayed at all .... Go to a clinic or doctor to ensure 100% that you are not pregnant (which help with stress) and next time be smart and protect yourself (not in a mode that allows a man says in context), is his body to become pregnant, may also face many other problems ..... end Good Luck

Industri... said...

I do not know ... Stress usually throw my cycle considerably. I think it is one person.

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