Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Compare Cpu Performance How To Choose The Right CPU?

How to choose the right CPU? - compare cpu performance

Since this is a laptop.
What brand and model of processor should I choose? How can their performance and operation ...


shadowis... said...

Just add an earlier remark: brandwise, I suggest you get AMD. Whatever your needs, the AMD processors better price / performance.

conradj2... said...

Well, it depends on what you do with a laptop. When you surf only Office applications and the Internet, then AMD Sempron or Intel Celeron-M is to meet your needs.

However, if you want to do more multimedia type of work, then you should look for a Pentium M, AMD 64, AMD Turion. And if you play on your laptop, then you will also be a graphics card with dedicated memory, do not buy one with shared memory.

Tom's Hardware has a lot of notes and comments on the processors and other components of equipment.

Raj4u said...

For laptops, there is an answer ..

GO for Intel Centrino notebook!

Centrino Notebok The advantages are:

1. High-performance battery. This is your main concern if you have a laptop.
2. High-performance mobile [mobile] processor
3. Wireless connectivity.
4. Elegant design for OEMs.

Check the Web sites of Dell, HP, IBM, Sony .. They have books in their incredible list of products.

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