Friday, January 1, 2010

Sunbeds Acne Is It True Sunbeds?

Is it true sunbeds? - sunbeds acne

Is it true that marks the sun good for acne and stretch


Tez said...

that the dry skin, but wouldnt say it was good for the skin at all!

suejones... said...

In the past I often use tanning beds, and I found my skin condition improved.however started my skin so dry that if I take a bath or shower, I have deposited on the skin around the baby oil while I'm still wet .. Rinse and dry. If you then use the stick to recommended once a week or 26 times per year. Get rid of sun in the habit of stretch marks, but beige stretch with a brand masks.

Nina Lee said...

) For me, solarium solarium (sun and I helped my acne and the appearance of stretch marks minimized. However, if I could turn back time to change something, you use it at all. Now I'm only 30 years and was recently w / diagnosed with skin cancer. You can contribute to both "certain" people according to skin color, but far from worth it!

sherry said...

UV light in the right quantities can help achny clearly an attack, as the furrows, which do not help as such, because only a little, then fade.
Not over loungers consumption, despite age or dry skin and theres always the risk of skin cancer.

kind000 said...

My sister, a solarium for acne and it really allowed, but now she's older and she uses it too, once a week is enough, and you're not SO much damage this way. I do not know if it helps the stretch marks or not.

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