Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rosacea Alternative Medicine I Have ROSACEA (redness, Inflamation On Face) - How Can I Cure This?

I have ROSACEA (redness, inflamation on face) - How can I cure this? - rosacea alternative medicine

Made me very disturbed. . I have redness and swelling of the nose and cheeks (with some small veins visible) on the nose. It always feels hot and gets worse with stress, certain foods (spicy foods, sweets, dairy products) and especially heat.

18/male and I had this problem since 4 years .. Worse still, every year. I am tired and want to get to the bottom. I tried everything the doctors of the West .. can be offered Metrogel, antibiotics, etc. .. Nothing has helped, and worse. It has become worse each year and now is 100% stable.

As for alternative medicine, acupuncture, I tried) for one month (without success, and now I'm Ayurveda, to this day for 2 weeks (results not from now on). What do you think would be best to do what to get rid of it! I can not remember.

(They also suffer from fatigue related .....?)


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