Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cannot Generate System Identifier For General Entity Page Why Does The Libertarian Party In The USA Abuse The Term "libertarianism"?

Why does the Libertarian Party in the USA abuse the term "libertarianism"? - cannot generate system identifier for general entity page

The term "liberalism" emphasizes the freedom that exists in capitalism can. Capitalism, by its very nature of exploitation and oppression, as against the freedom! Surely a system can not focus on freedom, while the working class is forced to lead to slavery, while those who own the means of production to countries outside of the benefits for workers. What a strange relationship! With the subject receives the money generated by the value of workers at work, while they only part of it. There is no freedom when people are in this exploitative relationship in which the value of a person by the money that defines who is forced, so that freedom only exists for those who have money to survive. Undoubtedly one, without money for food and housing is not free!


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