Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Periodontitis More Condition_symptoms Can Periodontitis Heal If Good Oral Care Is Taken ?

Can periodontitis heal if good oral care is taken ? - periodontitis more condition_symptoms

or if you really need, gum surgery?


TweetyBi... said...

Good oral periodontitis would have probably prevented, so it is less an attempt to "cure" it is too late.

Alternatives to surgical treatments include the expansion and root planing. These are the components of the periodontal debridement and, if they can be combined with good oral hygiene, so that the gums to heal and to measure up to the teeth. Debridement and oral hygiene in the early stages of periodontitis, but also with advanced disease, the incision is often used before surgery and may be areas of the gums, which eventually will require surgery limited.

Can determine the need for surgery depends on the stage of the disease, and only did your dentist, dass Another point is that other conditions can sometimes aggrevate Excelerate and gum disease - malocclusion (bruxism). It is therefore something that needs to be addressed.

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